An almost perfect 10 vintage!

The year 2015:

Europe: Great year for most of the wine producing region in France.
Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc and the Cote-du-Rhône region will be producing some great wines ready to age many years.

In all the French Burgundy seem to be the one raving the most about the vintage.

Here is what they say:
The grapes harvested in the Bourgogne wine region in 2015 were simply perfect. They were in tip-top health, and at optimal ripeness, a double whammy that will make this year one to remember. The wines have wonderful balance, and the vintage is characterized by abundant aromatic depth. The overall quality and exceptional concentration observed from the north of the region to the south suggest this may well go down as a legendary vintage.

The Red are the one that stand out the most and being said to be an Outstanding vintage.
So for the wine enthusiast this is a vintage to buy and put aside.

A vintage ready to drink

Bordeaux 2009 is consider a Excellent vintage with great potential for aging.

Here is what Jancis Robinson the famous wine critics from England has to say about the 2009:
'Vintage of the decade/century'? This growing season seemed to have it all. A long, fine, warm summer but, crucially, with refreshing nights to help retain acidity. Dramatically ripe, voluptuous wines, especially on the left bank.

We have a wonderful Bordeaux 2009 in our portfolio. Chateau L’Espérance (Hope) from the Côte-de-Bourg. The region is located on the right bank.

The 2009 vintage was a sunny vintage. The high temperature during the day enabled the grapes to reach the ideal maturity. We succeed in extracting from our Terroir a very full bodied wine, with a lot of reminiscence of red ripe cherries. The ageing in oak barrel gave to the wine a delicate hint of toasted aroma.