The Pinot Noir Adventure

The Pinot noir is amongst the top grape in the world. Generating lots of passion from wine collectors or wine passionate.

Why? Pinot Noir is hard to grow, usually produce in small volume specially in Burgundy result in a Demand higher than the Offer;  the well known Pinot brand reach Stardom status. 

Other interesting facts:

The Pinot Noir grape is originaly from Burgundy.

Ancestor to: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc.

Pinot noir offers a wide range of aromas that can be sometimes confusing. 

Nowadays you find Pinot noir wines produce in many countries from Tasmania to Chile.

Top Flavor found in Pinot Noir







Farmyard (Mainly in Burgundy Pinot)

To go back to Pinot Noir ageign capacity, except for a few exceptional cuvée, Bordeaux, Cab from California, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and some Cab from South Africa will age way longer than Pinot Noir wine. Some of them will age more than 25 years and offer an amazing experience.

We love Pinot Noir from Oregon (Willamette Valley), Burgundy, Tasmania, Central Otago (New Zealand), Bulgaria and the Southern region of Chile like Bio Bio en Puelo.

Collectors, Wine Passionate are willing to pay large sum of money to acquire that unique bottle of wine like the Romanee Conti.





Oregon wine map

Oregon has 16 different AVA wine region. Some of our favorite Pinot Noir come from Dundee Hill and Umpqua Valley.

AVA stand for American Viticulture Area. As of March 2015 there is 230 AVA in the US. The government define an AVA at the request of the wineries or other petitioners.

One of the important requirement to obtain the AVA certification is that Climate condition, Soil, Elevation are distinctive


Tasmania wine region

Source: The Drink business

Pinot Noir is rarely blend with other grape except to make Champagne.

Champagne made from 100% Pinot Noir is called Blanc de Noir

Miami Wine Buzz has a great Blanc de Noir from Champagne Jacques Chaput

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