As Wine Club member you get:

  • 6 Exclusive boutique wines deliver to your door (1 time only or once a month)
  • 35% off and more on the price of our curated Wine Pairing Dinners,
  • Exclusive participation to our 'Sip and Chat' Winemaker Series - Enjoy an evening with a Winemaker as he talk about his wines and his region. Small group of 10.
  • Exclusive access to our New Wine Arrival Tastings - Taste the wines before they even enter the market.
  • Priority reservation on our Wine Tours. (Italy Summer 2017) - Group of 15 people.
  • Easy Stay or leave subscription by Log In into your account. No penalties, no hidden cost. Just leave or keep enjoying our fine boutique wines and curated events.

Miami Wine Buzz membership is the perfect way to learn more about the world of wine and a great way to network with professional and business people from all walks of life in your area sharing their love for food, wine and fun.

Our portfolio is made of wines are produced in very limited quantity each year, so they are made with passion and care and are mostly Organic.

We offer 2 Packages of 6 bottles (Discovery $90 & Premium $180)

Free Delivery in Miami & Fort Lauderdale area. Taxes and Shipping are included.

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