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DAY  1               Milan - Brescia            June 10th

Arrival in Milan airport and discover the superb region of Brescia.
Settle for 3 nights in one of the most renowned Villas of the XVIII century. Dinner will be served at the hotel’s excellent restaurant.
Includes: transfer, dinner, 4-star accommodation in Villa.


DAY  2               Brescia            June 11th 

Discover the Franciacorta country, which has given birth to an excellent Italian product known world-wide: Franciacorta Sparkling WineWine Tour, Tasting & Lunch in an amazing vineyard. Enjoy free time at the Garda Lake, (the largest in Italy), along the Via San Carlo. 

Includes: transfer, 3 meals, wine tasting tour, 4-star accommodation in Villa.


DAY 3                      Brescia             June 12th

Visit 2 beautiful wineries producing high quality wines since 1870 , where you will be treated to a wine tasting lunch with wines such as the increasingly renowned and popular Ripasso and the inimitable Amarone.
The afternoon will be free so you can rest and dine at your own convienience at the hotel’s restaurant.

Includes: transfer, breakfast, lunch, wine tasting tour, 4-star accommodation in Villa.


DAY 4                      Brescia - Parma             June 13th

Enter a Emilia-Romana winery rooted on the hills of Parma at 300 meters over sea level. The owner will take us through the history of the winery, after which he will treat us to lunch while tasting his amazing wines. A delicious Tuscan dinner at the village’s typical eateries will await us.

Includes: transfer, 3 meals, wine tasting tour, 4-star accommodation in winery.


DAY 5                     Parma               June 14th

In the morning of Day 5, early birds will enjoy a Guided Tour of one of the most famous Parmesan Factories. Will follow with a guided tour of Parma in the afternoon then return to the vineyard for a unique curated wine dinner by our host.

Includes: transfer, 3 meals (wine dinner), guided tour, 4-star accommodation in winery.


DAY 6                     Parma - Florence             June 15th

Traveling through the sensational Tuscan countryside touring famous vineyards of the Chianti wine region. Wine Tour & Tastings.  Dinner in a typical Tuscan restaurant will end our day. 

Includes: transfer, 3 meals (wine dinner), wine tasting tour, 5-star accommodation in winery.


DAY 7                     Florence               June 16th

Wine tour & tasting in wine cellars filled with history and barrels of Chianti Classico. Dine in the magical atmosphere of the hilltop villas — sure to be an unforgettable experience! 

End of the journey for guests on 7 days tour  (Lombardy/Emilia -Romana)

Welcoming our guests - 8 days tour  (Tuscany)

Includes: transfer, Florence airport, wine tasting tour, 5-star accommodation in winery.


DAY 8                     Florence              June 17th

Morning enjoying the soothing nature of the vineyard, relaxing with an espresso or a glass of wine in the villa’s garden. Visit the amazing Vignamaggio Winery followed by another Chianti winery.

Includes: wine tasting tour, 5-star accommodation in winery.


DAY 9                   Florence              June 18th

Tour of Florence. Set out to discover the artistic gems of this one-of-a-kind metropolis. You can join the guided tour or take the day at your own rhythm. The Tour: Gallerie dell’Accademia,, the Duomo cathedral,the Piazza della Signoria and the Uffizi Gallery
Spend the early evening weaving your way through the Florentine alleyways before settling in for dinner at your own time & place. 

Includes: transfer, breakfast, lunch, guided tour, 5-star accommodation in winery.


DAY 10            Sienne               June 19th

Tour of Siena
Guided tour or explore on your own.The city center has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and whose medieval cityscape, fine cuisine and excellent art museums have been attracting visitors for generations. 

Includes: transfer, breakfast, lunch, guided tour, 5-star accommodation in winery.


DAY 11                     Roccastrada                 June 20th

Moving toward Valdonica Winery, stop for a wine tour, tasting and lunch at Cantina di Montalcino in the Montepulciano region. Martin, the owner of Valdonica, invites us to join him for a Wine Dinner.

Includes: transfer, breakfast, lunch, wine tasting tour, wine dinner, 5-star accommodation in winery.


DAY 12                     Montalcino                 June 21st

First stop, the medieval town of Montepulciano, renowned for its Old World charm, architecture and sumptuous wines. wine tours and tastings in two beautiful wineries. 

Includes: transfer, 3 meals, wine tasting tour, wine dinner, 5-star accommodation in winery.


DAY 13                     Grosseto                June 22rd

As you visit superb Grosseto Wineries, pass through the naturally cool climate of the cellars to find mounds of wine barrels absorbing the flavors of the wooden containers. Tasting of wines,  grappas and the extra virgin olive oil. 

Includes: transfer, 3 meals, wine tasting tour, wine dinner, 5-star accommodation in winery.


DAY 14                     Roccastrada - Rome                June 23rd

After your breakfast, your luxury transfer meets you at the hotel ready to escort you to the airport for your journey back home. Departure from Rome

Includes: transfer, breakfast


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