14 DAYS :

  • 3 in Villa Fenaroli Palace , Brescia                  
  • 2 in Emilia-Romana - Parma
  • 3 in Tuscany – Florence
  • 1 in Tuscany – Sienna
  • 4 in Tuscany – Rocastrada
Veneto (Amarone)                    Emilia
Franciacorta                              Chianti
Brunello di Montalccino           Maremma  Montepulciano

      An enchanting 14 days package, all inclusive with your hosts Jean-Charles & Isabelle and English/Italian guides in all the vineyards and major cities.
       Your package includes: 3 Meals (except open days), Wine tastings & Wine dinners with Italian Chef, 4*Accommodation, Guided Tours, Luxury air-conditioned coach, the transportation and transfers, all taxes and entrance fees. 

You will have the chance to visit Brescia, Garda Lake, Parma, Siena, Florence and Roccastrada. A dream realized!
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Price: $4298 US (per person in double occupancy)
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Here is a Quick Overview of the Wine Tour.


DAY  1               Milan - Brescia 

Upon your arrival in Milan airport, your host Jean-Charles & Isabelle will welcome you and guide you from the beginning until the end of your trip to Italy. You will arrive in the superb region of Brescia,  commonly referred to as the Italian Lioness, as the poet laureate Giosuè Carducci puts it.
You will settle for 3 nights in one of the most renowned Villas of the XVIII century in Lombardy. With its elegant architecture and Neo-Baroque style, the 4 Stars Villa so closely followed French and Central European models, that it would often be referred to as “Little Versailles”. Dinner will be served at the hotel’s excellent restaurant.

What’s Included: transfer, dinner, accommodation


DAY  2               Brescia 

After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, you’ll set out to discover the precious Franciacorta country, an area of 20.000 hectares of vineyards, that has given birth to an excellent Italian product known world-wide: Franciacorta Sparkling Wine. We will stop at Grand Cru vineyards located between 250m and 450m above sea level on the slopes of Lessini Mountains (Lake Garda – Verona) and are characterized by volcanic soils. We will learn about Franciacorta and lunch in an amazing vineyard. A renown italien Chef will propose a superb pairing for your pleasure.
After lunch, we will head towards Lake Garda where light reflects off the evening waters . The Garda Lake, the largest in Italy, is adorned with picturesque and elegant towns, such as Salò. Enjoy free time for personal exploration, shopping along the Via San Carlo  or visiting museums. For an afternoon snack, you can wander down Lungolago Zanardelli for a creamy and bright gelato. The breeze carries the aroma of rich espresso that emanates from the cafes along the lakeshore. We will meet for Dinner in one of Salo’s best restaurant.

What’s Included: transfer, 3 meals, wine tasting Tour, accommodation


DAY 3                      Brescia

The hotel breakfast offers a collection of Tuscan delights .
After breakfast, we will make our way to 2 beautiful vineyards. One has been producing high quality wines since 1870 from the vines that sit on the hills overlooking the Verona shore of Lake Garda.
A wonderful landscape, rich in history, and with a thousand-year old wine-growing tradition.
After our visit of the vineyard, we will be catered to a Wine Tasting lunch with wines such as the increasingly renowned and popular Ripasso and the inimitable Amarone.
You will also be enchanted by the vault of a Franciacorta producer, constructed in the late 17th century. Buried ten metres beneath ground level, the historic cellar arouses wonder in today’s visitor, just as in the past. 
The remainder of the afternoon is free to rest and dine at your own convienience at the hotel’s restaurant.

What’s Included: transfer, breakfast, lunch, wine tasting Tour, accommodation


DAY 4                      Brescia - Parma

After breakfast, the luxury air-conditioned Mercedes coach takes us into the countryside once more to view the exceptional villages dotting the Northern Italian state of Emilia- Romana on our way to the winery where the owner will be our host for the next 2 nights. We will be stay in the nice villa located amongst the vines. 

We will then visit the vineyard, rooted on the hills of Parma at 300 meters over Sea level. The valley that surround the vines lead from the Po Valley to the highest peaks of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine. The terroir is truly unique.
 The owner will take us through the history of the winery and the operation of the cellar after which, he will treat us to a lunch while tasting a series of vintage of his amazing wines. 

After some leasure time, a delicious Tuscan Dinner at one of the village’s typical eateries will await us.

What’s Included: transfer, 3 meals, wine tasting Tour, accommodation


DAY 5                     Parma

In the morning of Day 5, early birds will enjoy a Guided Tour of one of the most famous Parmesan Factory during which you can take part in the entire cheese making process, tour the salting and the ageing rooms and visit the vast estate.

For Lunch, we will explore the culinary expertise of Parma and find the beautiful flavors in simple and elaborate dishes, showcasing the value of each ingredient no matter the size.  
Will follow a Guided Tour of Parma in the afternoon then return to the vineyard for a unique curated Wine Dinner by our host.

What’s Included: transfer, 3 meals (Wine Dinner), guided Tour, accommodation


DAY 6                     Parma - Florence

After breakfast, our luxury bus will take us to one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, the Chianti countryside, world famous for its wine.
We will settle in the vineyard independent apartments adjacent to the magnificent eighteenth-century villa and surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan landscape.

In the afternoon, we will take you to a Guided Tour of the vineyards. You’ll learn the history of the magnificent castle with lovely gardens and visit the splendid wine cellar filled with history and barrels of the Chianti Classico wine. Stop for a Wine Tasting and a snack.
In the afternoon, you will be welcome to a Cooking class or free activities
For dinner, enjoy a typical hearty meal served by a unique experience. While sitting in the Villa, a local Chef will prepare just for us, a great menu paired with our host excellent Chianti wine. You’ll dine in the magical atmosphere of the hilltop villas — sure to be an unforgettable experience!

What’s Included: transfer, 3 meals (Wine Dinner), wine tasting Tour, accommodation


DAY 7                     Chianti

Our next day in the sensational Tuscan countryside is spent touring the most famous vineyards of the Chianti wine region, the home to Italy’s best-known varietal and some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country.
We will visit one of the top Chianti producers where you’ll learn all about the Italian wine industry and the history of viticulture in the area before tasting curated estate wines with a delicious and traditional Italian lunch. Exploring the estate provides an idea of the soil and conditions which have made Chianti flourish.

What’s Included: transfer, 3 meals, wine tasting Tour, accommodation


DAY 8                     Florence

After a delicious breakfast, you’ll set out to discover the artistic gems of this one-of-a-kind metropolis, Florence, home of Renaissance masters and the greatest artists of Italy’s rich and illustrious history.
This morning you can join the Tour or take the day at your own rythm.
The Guided Tour starts with the Gallerie dell’Accademia. The highlight of your visit is the famous sculpture of the “David” by Michelangelo. This statue became the symbol of power and invincibility of the Florentine Republic at the time. Take a step back in time as you explore this Renaissance city where Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci gained fame.
Then visit to the Duomo cathedral, the third-largest church in the world and a marvel of engineering. At the city’s main square, Piazza della Signoria, you’ll see famous statues and fountains as well as a lively local scene. This is the perfect spot for a gelato or caffe. Stroll along the Arno River to the Ponte Vecchio in the afternoon as the sun is setting and the buildings’ golden reflections glow. For dinner, try the local specialties of rustic ribollita bean soup or bistecca alla fiorentina made from the region's special breed of Chianina cattle. The hearty cuisine pairs well with the local Chianti red wines.
In the afternoon, take a tour of the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most important art museums in the world.
Here you’ll see masterpieces by Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello, Giotto, Cimabue, Masaccio. You can stroll down the quieter Via dei Tavolini for the creamy and bright gelato at Perché No.
Visit the famous stationery stores that specialize in Florentine style papers or the artisan shops selling leather goods.
Spend the afternoon and early evening weaving your way through the Florentine alleyways and side streets before settling in for dinner at your own time & place. We will recommend a variety of beautiful venues to choose from, like the Terrazza Brunelleschi Restaurant .

What’s Included: transfer, breakfast, lunch, guided Tour, accommodation


DAY 9                    Siena

Tour of Siena
This morning is dedicated to a languid and leisurely full-day excursion through the streets of Siena, where you’ll learn more about this famous Italian town by a local guide.  Again you'll have a choice of joining us for a Guided Tour or explore on your own.
The city center has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and whose medieval cityscape, fine cuisine and excellent art museums have been attracting visitors for generations. Walk along the small medieval streets, admiring the impressive palaces and ending up with the decadent splendor of the Siena Cathedral where you can visit the splendid vibrant interior. The tour will conclude in the Piazza del Campo, one of the most beautiful piazza in Italy surrounded by buildings that date to the Middle Ages before enjoying a delicious and traditional Tuscan meal at a neighborhood trattoria.

What’s Included: transfer, breakfast, lunch, guided Tour, accommodation


DAY 10            Montepulciano - Roccastrada

Your first stop is in the medieval town of Montepulciano, renowned the world over for its Old World charm, its fascinating architecture and its decadent and sumptuous wines. Here, you will get the chance to hear Gregorian chants in the church of Sant’Antimo, an experience that is sure to transport you to a place you’ve never known before. 
Make your way through the picturesque vistas that fill the Val d’Orcia and wander along the winding lanes and alleys and past the ancient structures of Montalcino

Your final destination for today is a welcoming Countryside Villa, decorated in the traditional rustic Tuscan style and offering all of the luxurious amenities that you’ve come to expect.
Dinner tonight is at a local, family-run restaurant where you’re sure to enjoy a meal unlike any you’ve ever had before.

What’s Included: transfer, 3 meals , guided Tour, accommodation


DAY 11                     Roccastrada

There's a break from vineyards and Guided Tour today as the focus shifts to spending the day enjoying the soothing nature of the vineyard, relaxing with an espresso or a glass of wine in the villa’s garden, or use the time to explore the surrounding area, taking in the incomparable grandeur that encircles you. 
The morning begins with the aroma of fresh espresso accompanying breakfast. A cool mist layers the hills and vineyards before dissipating and leaving behind a blanket of sweet dew.
After lunch in a hearty authentic italian restaurant, Martin, the owner of the vineyard leads us out to his splendid terrace overlooking his vineyards and will share his experience with us. He will then invite us to join him for a Wine Dinner on the premises.

What’s Included: transfer, breakfast, dinner (Wine Dinner), wine tasting Tour, accommodation


DAY 12                     Montalcino

After breakfast, we will make our way with our luxury bus to two beautiful Vineyards producing Brunello di Montalcino wines in the Montepulciano region.
You’ll cruise past olive groves and amber hills as you continue your way into this delightful region of Italy. Tuscany is perhaps the foremost culinary area in the entire country, offering the inspiration and ingredients that has given Italian cuisine its much-beloved flavors and traditions. 
The local variety par excellence: Sangiovese grape from which Brunello is produced. You'll have the privilege to visit, enjoy Wine Tastings & lunch in some superbe Brunello vineyards in the region.

What’s Included: transfer, 3 meals, wine tasting Tour, accommodation


DAY 13                     Grosseto

After a leisurely morning, follow your hosts through the soft soil of the hillside where you can see the vines sloping down into the valley. 
As you visit superb Grosseto Wineries, pass through the naturally cool climate of the cellars to find mounds of wine barrels absorbing the flavors of the wooden containers. The visits will be followed by tasting of wines,  grappas and the extravirgin olive oil.

What’s Included: transfer, 3 meals, wine tasting Tour, accommodation


DAY 14                     Roccastrada - Rome

After your breakfast, your private transfer meets you at the hotel ready to escort you to the airport. After a final luxury transfer, you're on the journey back home. Fortunately, most of the wines discovered during your stay will be available through Miami Wine Buzz, ensuring the finest Italian wines can be shared at home as it fills your cellar for years to come.
As with all vacations, this one has come to an end. Spend the flight home planning your return to this fabulous country or to our next Wine Tour!
Departure from Rome

What’s Included: transfer, breakfast


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